The subclass 491 visa regime was introduced on 16th November 2019. This Skilled work regional provisional Subclass 491 visa enables the qualified and eligible migration aspirants and their families to settle and work in regional areas of Australia. The initial validity of this visa is for 5 years and the holders are eligible for a

Eligibility and Benefits of Australian Subclass 189 and 190 PR Visas

Australia is open for skilled migrants. The main reason for keeping Australia’s migrant policy lax has been the major infrastructure and economic growth in the past few decades. Also, Australia is already a world leader in technology, infrastructure development and economy. It is important for the country to keep its doors open for the talent

How FBP International Dubai Can Deliver Customized Australian Visa Solutions

Australia is open! The country is inviting skilled workforce from all over the world to settle down and work for Australian prosperity and growth. This policy of openness has been rewarding for Australian. Since the past 28 years, the Australian economy has not witnessed a major slump. Although in these 28 years, the major and

In part 1 of this blog, we primarily discussed the requirements of getting the South Australian State nomination for Subclass 491 Visa. In the 2nd and final part, we will be discussing the benefits and process of State nominated SA GSM 491 Visa. Before going into the visa benefits itself, here are some of the

Australia is OPEN! 160,000 VISA ALLOCATIONS announced for the 2020-21 Migration Program Year APPLY NOW & GET IN QUEUE!

Australia is OPEN! 160,000 VISA ALLOCATIONS announced for the 2020-21 Migration Program Year APPLY NOW & GET IN QUEUE! Australia Migration Program Planning and Delivery 2020-21 Update, 10 July 2020. The Department of Home Affairs has provided further information on the impact of the COVID 19 pandemic on the 2020-21 Migration Program Year. The Department

Investment Opportunities in Australia During COVID-19 Pandemic

Australia’s economy is resilient, stable and inclusive. These three traits of the continent’s economy pave way for low-risk investment environments for conducting business. The total population of Australia only accounts for 0.3% of the global population but the GDP of this country contributes to about 2% of the total global economy. In the past couple

Western Australia’s COVID-19 Recovery Response

The WA Government has released what it will be doing during these uncertain times of recovery through COVID-19.  It’s support to the Western Australian community is shown through the various recovery programs that will be implemented.  The economy of WA has always been strong and robust due to the mining wealth in the state. To

Australia is one the best countries to travel, live and work. Recently, the country had 4 of its cities listed as the most liveable cities of the world due to its moderate weather, premium lifestyle, vast landscape and low cost of living. Since 2012, the country has been scoring high for its affordability of living

The Resident Return Visa is meant for Australia Permanent Residency (PR) holders whose PR has expired while they are outside the country. The Australian Resident Return Visa is digitally linked to the resident’s passport and allows them to enter the country as a permanent resident. If the Australian PR holders have not been physically present

Career Scope for Chefs and Cooks in Australia

The Australian economy is one of the most stable in the entire world. In fact, unlike most of the developed countries, the continent’s unemployment rate has remained in a single digit with accumulated macroeconomic growth rate remaining stable around 2%. These are some mega milestones achieved by the robust and inclusive model of the Australian

Great Ocean Road In Australia

The Great Ocean Road is believed to be the world’s largest and longest war memorial. The road is a 243 KM stretch that slithers against the West Coast of Victoria between the towns of Torquay and Allansford, Australia. In the world war history and Australian heritage, the Great Ocean Road occupies significant importance. The road

United Arab Emirates or simply put the UAE is home to above 9 million expats from 280 countries. These expats have played a great role in making the UAE a global hub for tourism and key financial activity. The society has turned into a multi-cultural of harmony and peace. However, there are individuals and families