Other Visas

Apart from the migration pathways of work visas, family visas and business visas; Australian authorities also provide a range of other visa regimes and immigration related facilities. Theses visas include the visit visas and student visas. Both these visas are temporary grants to stay in the country for the purpose of touring / visiting and studying. The visa validity is limited. Generally, for the Australian tourist visa, the duration can be 6 months with, sometimes, options of multiple entries. And for Australian student visa, the duration is limited to the time taken to complete the course and graduate. Other immigration related facilities are AAT appeals and Ministerial Intervention. These facilities are generally granted to visa refusal cases.


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Visit Visa

From a tourism perspective, Australia has to a lot to offer for children of all ages. Once you land in the country as a tourist, you’ll have plenty to do and countless places to visit in and around. From exotic cuisines and home drawn wine to exotic wildlife parks and calm strolls along beautiful beaches, the country is studded with immense tourism heritage. Australian visit visas are temporary visas that are granted to tourists and visitors to land in the country.

Student Visa

Australian qualifications and certifications are held in high regard throughout the world. The recognition of these qualifications globally is a proof of the quality of education imparted within the country. Other developed countries in the North Americas, Europe and Asia consider Australian qualifications as equivalent and sometimes even at a higher mark than their equivalent certificate or diploma. Australia offers student visas to students who are granted admission by accredited Australian educational and training institutions.

Ministerial Intervention

Under the Australian Migration Act 1958, the minister has powers that allow him/her to intervene in a migration related case if he or she thinks it is in the best public interest. However, the discretion of deciding what qualifies as public interest or vice versa is with the minister. There is no legal binding for the minister to consider intervention in any case. This means that if your case was intervened by the minister and the outcome is favourable then the minister grants you an Australian visa.


If you are a permanent resident of Australia and meet the other eligibility requirements, you might be able to apply for Australian citizenship by conferral. Alternatively, Australian citizenship can also be passed on by descent if a child was born outside Australia and at least one parent was an Australian citizen when the child was born.

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Visit Visa

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