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There are mainly 4 types of work-related migration visas available for skilled human capital. The General Skilled Migration visa (GSM), Employer Sponsorship Visa, Graduate Temporary visa and Resident Return Visa. The GSM visa is a skilled migrant visa and the state sponsors qualified talent to work and settle down in Australia. The Employer Nomination Scheme or Sponsorship visa is meant for individuals who are offered a job by an Australian Employee to work for them in Australia. In this case, the sponsor is the Employer. Both these migration visa types have different eligibility and qualification criteria.


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There are mainly 4 main types of Work-related Visa pathways offered by Australian authorities.

General Skilled Migration (GSM)

The General Skilled Migration - commonly referred to as GSM - visa for Australia is a permanent residence (PR) permit. This Australian PR visa is issued by the Australian authorities and allows the receiver to permanently stay in Australia along with provision to work and study. This type of Australian permanent visa doesn’t come with a duration attached to it and allows the holders of this visa to apply for Australian citizenship after 4 years, if eligible.

Australian Employer Sponsorship / Nomination Visas

The Australian employment visa are issued by the Australian authorities on both permanent and temporary basis. Usually, the temporary visa’s validity is up to 4 years while the permanent employment visas last longer than that. The temporary visa is usually granted to offshore employees that are sponsored by their employers and is a pathway to acquiring permanent employment visa.

Graduate Temporary Visa

There are 2 visa types for international students who graduate from an Australian higher education institutes. These visas are namely Subclass 485 and 476. Generally, these visas are for international students who have recently graduated with skills and qualifications that are relevant to specific occupations in Australia. This visa allows these fresh graduates to live, study and work in Australia temporarily.

Resident Return Visa

The Resident Return Visa is meant for Australia Permanent Residency (PR) holders whose PR has expired while they were outside the country. The Australian Resident Return Visa is digitally linked to the resident’s passport and allows them to enter the country as a permanent resident.

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